How To Throw A Backyard Wedding Without Using A Wedding Planner


If you want your wedding to be a more personalized experience for you and your spouse-to-be as well as for your family and friends, you may be considering having a backyard wedding. After all, everyone will feel more comfortable and at home if they're in familiar surroundings, and as an added benefit, you'll save on the cost of renting a reception venue. Casual backyard weddings can be great, but even they need a little structure in order to make them shine.

27 December 2017

Children And Divorce: Help Your Children Cope With Life Through Music


Divorce can take a toll on your life and on the lives of your children. You may eventually learn to cope with the dissolution of your marriage, but some or all of your children may struggle with the changes in their lives. Unless your children learn to cope with the divorce, the stress they feel now can overwhelm them later in life. Music is one way to help your children cope with life's ups and downs.

19 December 2017