Tips for Preparing for Your Online Bass Lessons


Meeting up virtually with a music teacher can be a good way to learn how to play the electric bass. If you've recently bought this instrument and are eager to improve your skills, look for an instructor who offers online bass lessons. Taking lessons in this manner can be convenient for many people, and you'll likely find that you're counting down the hours until each lesson. It's a good idea to prepare for each lesson in many ways, as this will help to maximize the time that you have with your instructor.

3 December 2020

4 Music Radio Channel Types To Use Throughout Your Workday


Music radio streaming services can allow you to choose between channels with different moods, musical styles, or performers. The curated music playing services they provide allow you to tailor the music you hear throughout the day without personally picking each song, which can save you a lot of time. Of course, the style, mood, instruments, and time period of the music, as well as other factors such as beat and lyrics, can greatly affect whether the music channel you choose serves the intended purpose.

4 September 2020

How A Piano Tuner Adds Years Of Life To This Instrument


The benefits of a good piano in a house are too numerous to list fully. However, many people may mistakenly not correctly tuning their piano over the years and rob future generations of this beautiful instrument. Thankfully, a high-quality piano tuner can avoid this problem and add decades to the instrument's life. Good Pianos May Last Decades If Properly Treated Pianos are beautiful instruments that can make a home seem classier and more gorgeous.

28 May 2020

Why Is Piano Tuning Important?


Have you ever played a brand-new grand piano? The keys are smooth as butter, the pedals are spry and pert, and the tone is on point. There is not much in this world that can make masterful pieces sound better. However, if you play the same piano 3-6 months later, it may sound drastically different. This is due to the fact that the new piano strings will stretch or loosen a little bit as the wood in the piano settles down.

6 January 2020

Consider A VIP Ticket To See Your Favorite Country Band On Tour


Seeing your favorite country band on tour, either in a venue in your city or perhaps somewhere to which you have to make a short trip, can be a highlight of your year. While you'll want to carefully assess the different tickets that are available so that you can sit or stand in an area of the venue that appeals to you, you should also look to see if the band is selling VIP ticket packages.

23 October 2019

Improve Your Chances Of Opera Success In A Pop-Up Opera Group


Opera is one of the finest performing arts in the western world and remains an imposing place to start a career. As a result, you may need to begin your potential fame on a path that improves your chances of success. For example, pop-up opera has become a great way to stand out from the crowd and gain the attention you deserve. Becoming an Opera Singer is a Challenge Although it has never been easy to become an opera singer at any time in history, this career path has become even more fraught with difficulties.

26 July 2019

Determining The Value Of A Vintage Guitar


Guitars can be found contributing to the melody of famous songs in all music genres. Their widespread use by music icons throughout history has made guitars extremely popular among people of all generations. Guitars are constructed in a way that makes them not only functional instruments, but works of art as well. Many people enjoy collecting vintage guitars because of the history, aesthetic, and craftsmanship these pieces of memorabilia can provide.

15 May 2019