Tips for Preparing for Your Online Bass Lessons


Meeting up virtually with a music teacher can be a good way to learn how to play the electric bass. If you've recently bought this instrument and are eager to improve your skills, look for an instructor who offers online bass lessons. Taking lessons in this manner can be convenient for many people, and you'll likely find that you're counting down the hours until each lesson. It's a good idea to prepare for each lesson in many ways, as this will help to maximize the time that you have with your instructor. Here are three ways to prepare for each lesson.

1. Get Your Gear Ready

As you get ready to meet with your instructor, it's a good idea to get all of your gear ready. This means plugging your electric bass into your amplifier and adjusting the settings as you see fit. Take a moment to tune your bass, too, as this will be important for properly demonstrating what you've been practicing since your last lesson. In terms of your computer gear, get your headset ready, and adjust your position so that you're in the center of your webcam's frame. You don't want to perform any of these tasks once you're connected with your teacher, as it's ideal to get down to business right away.

2. Do Some Warm-Ups

You'll also want to spend a little time getting warmed up shortly before your online lesson begins. This will help to warm up your fingers so that you feel comfortable playing once your teacher is watching you. There are several different ways to approach warming up. Your instructor may have taught you some scales and other warm-up exercises that you can perform each time you pick up your bass. Additionally, you should also go over any songs or exercises that you've been working on as "homework," as your teacher will likely want to see how you've done with them since your last lesson.

3. Brainstorm Some Ideas

While many bass teachers have specific curriculums through which they guide their students, others take more of a casual approach. For example, a bass teacher may begin each lesson by asking you what you want to learn. This could be a specific song, or maybe a technique that you find appealing. Take some time before each lesson to come up with some ideas. The last thing that you want is to draw a blank when your teacher asks you if there's something that you want to learn.


3 December 2020

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