How A Piano Tuner Adds Years Of Life To This Instrument


The benefits of a good piano in a house are too numerous to list fully. However, many people may mistakenly not correctly tuning their piano over the years and rob future generations of this beautiful instrument. Thankfully, a high-quality piano tuner can avoid this problem and add decades to the instrument's life.

Good Pianos May Last Decades If Properly Treated

Pianos are beautiful instruments that can make a home seem classier and more gorgeous. However, they can also provide a home with years of musical fun — families can learn how to play the piano and hold recitals or play for themselves. And when appropriately treated, a good piano can last long enough to provide generations of fun for a family, becoming an heirloom in the process.

Unfortunately, many piano owners don't understand that poor maintenance is going to shorten the life of their piano significantly. For example, allowing the strings to fall out of tune might only seem like it would affect the quality of a person's playing. Unfortunately, that isn't quite the case because a poorly-tuned piano can cause damage that a good piano tuner can help prevent. In this way, owners can add years to a piano's life.

Why a Piano Tuner Is Essential

Those who want their piano to last for generations in their family need to contact a professional piano tuner instead of trying to do this process themselves. Tuning a piano is a complex process that requires the careful balancing of pressure along about 230 different strings in the instruments. When improperly balanced, the structure of the piano can suffer from damage in many different ways.

For example, a too-taut piano string may put excessive pressure on its supporting elements and cause them to experience damage. And the strings themselves may suffer from damage, as well, if they are too tight or too loose. The cumulative effects of all of this damage can become even worse if a person who doesn't know how to tune a piano attempts this process and causes more damage to develop.

Therefore, it is crucial to talk to a piano tuner right away. Though a piano doesn't need to be tuned more than once per year or so, doing so can add years to its life and make it last much longer. In this way, people can own a piano for decades and decades and pass it on to their children when the time is right. Reach out to a piano tuner in your area. 


28 May 2020

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