4 Music Radio Channel Types To Use Throughout Your Workday


Music radio streaming services can allow you to choose between channels with different moods, musical styles, or performers. The curated music playing services they provide allow you to tailor the music you hear throughout the day without personally picking each song, which can save you a lot of time.

Of course, the style, mood, instruments, and time period of the music, as well as other factors such as beat and lyrics, can greatly affect whether the music channel you choose serves the intended purpose. Here are just a few examples of some types of music radio channels that can help you get through your workday and have a pleasant and productive day.

1. Wake-up or pick-me-up

Some days, you may need extra help waking up in the morning while on your commute to work. Or you may need help avoiding an accidental afternoon nap. Either way, up-tempo music may be just the thing. The right music radio station could help you become (and stay) more alert, setting the tone for a great day and perhaps even helping you feel more energetic.

Whether your preferred style of pick-me-up is big band swing, uptempo jazz, or rock music, just make sure it fits the right profile to have the desired effect. The ideal music for this purpose should have a positive mood and a lively, strong beat. Such characteristics can help engage your sense of rhythm and help your mind escape from any sluggishness or drowsiness.

2. Focus and concentration

For a majority of your workday, you may need to enter a flow state to get your best work done efficiently. This is especially true if your job involves mentally intensive work such as solving problems, creating anything, or handling other tasks that require a lot of brainpower. However, focus and concentration can also be useful even if you're just filing paperwork all day.

A channel that provides music you can enjoy without becoming distracted is ideal for this purpose. For instance, you'll want to avoid songs that you feel tempted to sing along to, since that could distract your brain from your creative or problem-solving work. Music that's familiar and enjoyable, but less intense (or minus the vocals), may help you focus better.

3. Relaxation and calm

If you're having an extra stressful day or if you've just had an unpleasant interaction with someone, a channel that helps you dial back the frustration and find your zen may be in order. Some types of channels to use for relaxation and calm could include nature sounds or light classical music.

If you're playing your radio channel through speakers rather than in headphones, this type of channel can also be useful. For instance, in areas where people may be tense, such as a dentist's office, a relaxation channel that plays calm, spa-like music may help provide an atmosphere that helps to defuse people's nervous reactions.

4. Comforting old favorites

Sometimes if you're having a bad day, you may want to reach for some ear candy rather than your normal calming music. If you're in a funk and your usual pick-me-up channel doesn't work, maybe you could try a channel focused on your favorite singer, a style of music you've loved since you were a kid, or even the soundtrack to your favorite movie or musical.

Like comfort food (but without the calories), this type of music can provide a soothing sensory input that takes you back to a different time and place so you can gain some distance from and a better perspective on the unpleasant situations or events of the day.

These are some examples of the types of music radio channels that you can use to help manage your productivity, focus, nerves, emotions, and even drowsiness on a given workday. Whichever music radio streaming service you choose, strategically using its radio channels feature can help you improve your performance at work and even the overall atmosphere.


4 September 2020

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