Want To Enhance Your Music Listening? Do Your Research!


Everybody loves music. However, there are a few things that can take a casual listener and turn them into a true fan. In addition to listening extensively to a specific artist's repertoire, doing your research on an artist can help you to really understand them. Sure, there are the regular magazine articles that show up in mainstream magazines, but a bit more digging may help you to uncover so much more. In-depth articles about your favorite artists can help you to discover things that improve the music for you, including but not limited to the following.


So much more goes into writing music than just whistling a tune, jotting it down, and adding lyrics. Most artists are made because of their life experiences; their joys, heartbreaks, and challenges. No matter what artists you enjoy listening to, the more you find out about their life leading up to becoming a star, the more you will appreciate their music. 

The Thought Process

Have you ever met someone and thought they were a little odd, but the more you found out about them, the more you liked them? Music can be like that sometimes. You may feel like a song doesn't quite fit the rest of the album, but once you discover the thought process behind it, it all makes sense. 

Personal Connection

Another exciting thing about doing some research and reading articles about your favorite bands and artists is that you will likely find some way in which you can connect with them. For example, you may learn that they are from a small town, just like you. Maybe you are even from the same small town. Who knows? Even if it is not something as big as where you are from, you may find that they have gone through similar life experiences or have felt how you feel. This can give deeper meaning to the songs they have written. 

Fun Trivia

One thing is for sure, even if you learn nothing else about your favorite band, you will likely learn something that someone else doesn't know. Your friends will probably come to know you as the person who just seems to know something about every band you listen to. 

In conclusion, give the music you listen to more foundation by doing some research on your favorite artists. You may soon become the person that people love to go to concerts with, or maybe you could even get the inspiration to write your own music. Finding out more can only inspire. Start reading articles about rock music artists or artists in other genres today.


22 February 2021

Music Makes the World a Happier Place

Ever since I was a young child, I have loved singing. While I never became a professional singer, I sing in a local chorus and I love putting on shows. However, I also enjoy listening to music and when someone asks me what my favorite music genre is, I tell them "all of them!" However, I especially love seasonal music and am always eager to turn on holiday music as soon as the weather begins getting cooler in the fall. I recently decided that more people need to embrace music, because it has healing qualities and really makes the world a happier place. I decided to create a blog to share my favorite new music finds, tips for singers, and many other music-related tips on! Come back often for a little music education and a lot of fun!