Advantages Of Learning Flute With Online Instruction Videos


Learning to play the flute can be a fulfilling hobby, but not everyone has access to in-person flute instruction. If you're having difficulty finding a local flute teacher, you may want to try out some online flute instruction videos for beginners. These can be either a substitute for beginning lessons or a complement to them.

Here are some of the advantages to learning flute with the help of online instruction videos.

1. You can pause the video

Instructional videos are great for learning at your own pace. Unlike with an in-person lesson, you can pause a video if something urgent comes up. You can then finish the video later at a more convenient time without having to schedule it around your teacher's timetable. This element of online instruction videos means that you can easily access flute lessons even if your schedule doesn't allow in-person lessons.

This feature also lets you easily work around any limitations you may have at first as a beginner, such as difficulty in maintaining your embouchure (mouth position for playing). Since you can pause the video, you can work in short sessions as you build up the strength of your facial muscles to develop this playing technique.

2. You can re-watch the video

When you're learning flute with a teacher for live lessons, you can only use a certain amount of that teacher's time. If a certain concept or rhythm or fingering is giving you difficulty, you can't expect your teacher to take extra time out of the day to practice it with you.

However, with an instructional video, you can re-watch the salient portions over and over again. This allows you to practice until you've got it right, without worrying about wasting valuable lesson time.

3. You can play along with the video

Your online instruction videos will also be a great practice aid throughout the week. Unlike an in-person lesson or a live online lesson, you can use the video throughout the week to replay the portions of the video that demonstrate the technique or music you're working on, while you play along with the demonstration.

Playing along with the video can help you to practice with the correct rhythm, without unconsciously adding extra beats before a tricky hand position. This practicing method can also help to prepare you for playing in an ensemble with other instruments as you'll get used to listening to someone else playing simultaneously.

These are just a few benefits you can garner by using online instruction videos for beginning flute learning. As you can see, they offer different benefits that in-person lessons don't provide. So whether you're already taking in-person lessons or not, online instruction videos can really give your flute learning a boost. Look into online flute instruction videos for beginners for additional information. 


18 May 2021

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