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Consider A VIP Ticket To See Your Favorite Country Band On Tour


Seeing your favorite country band on tour, either in a venue in your city or perhaps somewhere to which you have to make a short trip, can be a highlight of your year. While you'll want to carefully assess the different tickets that are available so that you can sit or stand in an area of the venue that appeals to you, you should also look to see if the band is selling VIP ticket packages.

23 October 2019

Improve Your Chances Of Opera Success In A Pop-Up Opera Group


Opera is one of the finest performing arts in the western world and remains an imposing place to start a career. As a result, you may need to begin your potential fame on a path that improves your chances of success. For example, pop-up opera has become a great way to stand out from the crowd and gain the attention you deserve. Becoming an Opera Singer is a Challenge Although it has never been easy to become an opera singer at any time in history, this career path has become even more fraught with difficulties.

26 July 2019

Determining The Value Of A Vintage Guitar


Guitars can be found contributing to the melody of famous songs in all music genres. Their widespread use by music icons throughout history has made guitars extremely popular among people of all generations. Guitars are constructed in a way that makes them not only functional instruments, but works of art as well. Many people enjoy collecting vintage guitars because of the history, aesthetic, and craftsmanship these pieces of memorabilia can provide.

15 May 2019

Football Team Struggling On The Field? Inspire Them With Hip-Hop Marching Tunes


Football teams across the nation struggle to compete at high levels and need marching bands to keep their heads into the game. That's why professional marching band arrangers creating contemporary charts – including those for hip-hop songs – are so important for a school. Marching Bands Raise School Spirit Struggling football teams may need a little bit of a boost to their school spirit if they continue to repeatedly lose games.

11 February 2019

3 Signs You Need to Have Your Piano Tuned More Often


If you own a piano, you probably know that hiring someone to come out and tune it is part of piano ownership. There's a chance that you aren't having your instrument tuned as often as you should, though. Three signs that you should be having your piano tuned more often are listed below. 1. You Live in a Humid Climate You should be aware that moisture can affect your piano and can cause it to become out of tune.

27 September 2018

Reasons That You Shouldn't Avoid Learning The Difficult Guitar Chords


For anyone who is learning how to play the guitar, it will become quickly apparent that some chords are easy to play and some are more challenging. When you take lessons, your teacher will often start you with some of the easier chords — A, E, and C, for example, are all fairly easy and getting comfortable with them will help you to feel encouraged. Soon enough, the instructor will introduce you to some chords that you might find a little more challenging.

22 June 2018

How To Make Your Next Corporate Event An Occasion To Remember


Corporate events are retreats or meetings where the entire staff is invited to a specific place to celebrate the company's success. Your team works hard all year, and the corporate event needs to be the icing on the cake which boosts their morale and encourages them to keep going and push even more. If you're in charge of planning the corporate event. you might be trying to think of some things you can do to make it stand out from previous occasions.

23 April 2018

3 Tips For Crafting Video Game Music


With advancements in technology, just about anyone who is tech savvy can learn to make their own video game. While there are many aspects of making a video game, the music is an important one to consider. If you are ready to start making your video game or the music, check out these three tips for crafting video game music. Choose the Right Music for the Mood To start, you need to determine what your game's genre is.

26 February 2018

Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Wedding Band


Getting married is a very exciting time. There are many people who look forward to the wedding day without realizing just how stressful it can be to get everything together. One of the big things that you need to think about is the entertainment, namely the wedding band. Hiring a wedding band like ThrowBack Experience can be such a fun way to liven up the reception and ceremony, and a good band can make or break the party.

23 January 2018

Music Sets The Tone & Improves Symptoms Of Alzheimer's—What Every Caretaker Should Know


Alzheimer's disease can definitely be devastating for the individual suffering from the condition as well as for their family members and friends. Alzheimer's disease can bring on a wide range of emotions for them and for their loved ones, especially those who provide care on a daily basis. If you are taking care of an elderly family member who has Alzheimer's, you may benefit from incorporating music in your daily routine.

3 January 2018