3 Signs You Need to Have Your Piano Tuned More Often


If you own a piano, you probably know that hiring someone to come out and tune it is part of piano ownership. There's a chance that you aren't having your instrument tuned as often as you should, though. Three signs that you should be having your piano tuned more often are listed below.

1. You Live in a Humid Climate

You should be aware that moisture can affect your piano and can cause it to become out of tune. If you live in a humid environment, then your piano should probably be tuned more often than if you lived in a drier environment. In addition to having your piano tuned more often, you may want to set up a portable dehumidifier in the room where your piano is stored to help prevent problems. 

2. You Use it a Lot

Some people buy pianos because they like how they look, and they might not even use them much or at all. Some people play their pianos occasionally but don't use them very often. These types of piano owners still have to have their instruments tuned, but they don't have to do it as often as someone who plays their piano regularly. If you're a regular piano player, if you have multiple people in your household who play the piano, or if you teach lessons on your piano, then having your piano tuned more often is important for keeping it in good shape. 

3. Your Piano is New

You would think that older pianos would need to be tuned more often than new ones. Many people assume that brand new pianos are already in tune and should stay this way for a long time. However, the opposite is actually true. Newer pianos should actually be tuned more often. Many people have their new pianos tuned several times the first year that they own them. This is because the brand new piano strings in your new piano have natural elasticity. As they are used more and more after you buy the piano, the strings stretch, causing your piano to need to be tuned. Therefore, if you have recently purchased a new piano, having it tuned regularly in the first couple of years is a smart idea if you want to really enjoy your new instrument.

If any of the above situations apply to you or you simply want to learn more about piano tuning, contact a company like Atlanta  Piano Tuning By Ear.


27 September 2018

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