Reasons That You Shouldn't Avoid Learning The Difficult Guitar Chords


For anyone who is learning how to play the guitar, it will become quickly apparent that some chords are easy to play and some are more challenging. When you take lessons, your teacher will often start you with some of the easier chords — A, E, and C, for example, are all fairly easy and getting comfortable with them will help you to feel encouraged. Soon enough, the instructor will introduce you to some chords that you might find a little more challenging. Even some of the basic chords can be tougher to play — the B chord, in particular, can be difficult for beginners. It may be tempting to avoid practicing such chords, but here are some reasons that you should stay dedicated to mastering them.

You'll Be Able To Play More Songs

Every novice guitar player wants to learn enough basic chords to be able to play some simple songs that he or she knows. While there are many songs that you can play while using the easier chords, you'll also encounter tunes that you enjoy, but that involve the trickier chords. If you don't practice these chords, you won't be able to play the songs that include them — or, you might simply skip over any section that features a difficult chord, which can be unsatisfying. However, when you stay dedicated to working on these chords, you'll appreciate being able to play more songs.

You'll Find That Other Chords Get Easier

When you devote yourself to mastering the trickier guitar chords, you'll also begin to notice that other chords become easier. The shapes of different chords can have numerous applications up and down the fingerboard of your instrument, which means that if you get comfortable with the fingering of a B chord, for example, you'll be able to use the fingering on different frets to play different notes. You'll also notice that the average-difficulty chords that might have previously given you a little trouble quickly feel easier.

Your Fingers Will Get Stronger

One thing that you'll find when you attempt to play the trickier chords is that maneuvering your fingers in the necessary ways make them tired. This is because you haven't built up considerable finger strength yet. As you practice the chords that are challenging, you'll find that your fingers get stronger. This can help you not only with chords but also with playing different notes up and down the fingerboard quickly.

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22 June 2018

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