Consider A VIP Ticket To See Your Favorite Country Band On Tour


Seeing your favorite country band on tour, either in a venue in your city or perhaps somewhere to which you have to make a short trip, can be a highlight of your year. While you'll want to carefully assess the different tickets that are available so that you can sit or stand in an area of the venue that appeals to you, you should also look to see if the band is selling VIP ticket packages. Lots of bands do so on their tours today, and buying a VIP ticket will give you a number of perks that you won't get with a standard ticket. Here are some exciting things that may be a part of your VIP ticket experience:

Listening To Sound Check

Some bands give their VIP fans a chance to enter the venue early with the purpose of listening to sound check. VIP ticket packages are limited in amount, so you might be one of a relatively small group of fans that gets to enjoy this unique opportunity. You'll have the ability to sit in one of the venue's front rows and watch the band complete its sound check. Generally, this involves the band playing a few songs, including some that it may not yet have recorded.

Getting To Meet The Band

Some VIP ticket packages also provide fans with the opportunity to meet the band. If you've always wanted to meet these performers and have your picture taken with them, a VIP ticket may be your best opportunity to have this happen. You'll be ushered into a room in the venue with your fellow VIP ticket holders, where you'll wait for the band to arrive. Soon enough, the band will enter and you'll have a chance to have your photo taken with the band and get a few items autographed, too.

Obtaining Limited Edition Items

Your VIP ticket package to see your favorite country band on tour may also include a handful of limited edition items that aren't available to concert attendees who bought regular tickets. This could include a limited edition garment with the band's name and logo on it, a lanyard for your tickets, and other similar promotional materials. If you're a serious fan of the band, you'll appreciate the ability to get your hands on these things — as well as their exclusive nature. Check out your band's website to learn more about VIP tickets for its upcoming live concerts.


23 October 2019

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