3 Tips For Crafting Video Game Music


With advancements in technology, just about anyone who is tech savvy can learn to make their own video game. While there are many aspects of making a video game, the music is an important one to consider. If you are ready to start making your video game or the music, check out these three tips for crafting video game music.

Choose the Right Music for the Mood

To start, you need to determine what your game's genre is. Different genres may have more upbeat music like a kid-friendly game. On the other hand, more violent, gloomy games may have dark music. Similarly, different parts of your game will need different types of music. For example, if you have a particularly stressful part of the game, you may want fast music to help boost the anxiety of the player, making it a better game play. Lastly, if you have music being played at a part of the game with in-game sounds, you need to consider how they will affect each other.

Take Some Music Lessons

With all the software and technology available, you can make music even if you are new to music. This allows you to grow and learn as you tinker with composing music. However, it is much easier if you already have a basic understanding of music, such as being able to write music. Taking some courses in music mechanics can boost your understanding greatly. It's even better, however, if you already know or if you learn how to play an instrument because that is the best way to fully understand harmony, melody, etc.

Listen to Other Video Game Music

If you like to compose music, you likely listen to other composers, such as classical music. This helps teach you more about how the melody should sound, how the music should flow, etc. However, it's also a good idea to listen to other video game music soundtracks, especially those of popular video games. This puts all the pieces together by showing you what types of music have usually be used in specific genres and moments.

Making your own video game can be an exciting project, and fully understanding all the aspects of crafting video games is important. One of the most important aspects is the music soundtrack because it will help pull payers into the game better. For more information regarding composing video game music, contact a custom soundtrack service in your area.


26 February 2018

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