Determining The Value Of A Vintage Guitar


Guitars can be found contributing to the melody of famous songs in all music genres. Their widespread use by music icons throughout history has made guitars extremely popular among people of all generations.

Guitars are constructed in a way that makes them not only functional instruments, but works of art as well. Many people enjoy collecting vintage guitars because of the history, aesthetic, and craftsmanship these pieces of memorabilia can provide.

Some vintage guitars are worth more than others. If you plan to start your own personal vintage guitar collection, you need to know how vintage guitars are valued so that you can make smart investments in the future.

Identify the Guitar

Novice collectors can easily fall victim to modern reissues that look almost identical to vintage guitars. You don't want to spend money on a modern guitar thinking that it is an original.

Fortunately, there are some resources that you can use to help identify exactly which guitar you are looking at purchasing. Check for a serial number, examine the hardware, and identify the type of wood used to construct the guitar. You can compare this information to price guides found online to help you determine the rough value of any given guitar.

Check the Condition

Condition is one of the more important factors that comes into play when determining the value of a vintage guitar. Since vintage guitars were produced a number of years ago, they likely will not be in pristine condition. It is important that you invest in pieces that are in good condition and show no major signs of damage or wear.

Check for scratches in the finish of the guitar, warping in the wood that makes up the neck of the guitar, and look for worn frets. All of these blemishes will significantly lower the value of a vintage guitar, with the exception of guitars that can be traced back to famous musicians.

Look for Alterations

A valuable vintage guitar is one that will clearly display a pride of ownership. The most valuable vintage models are original. This means that they have not be refinished or altered from their original state.

Make sure that the frets and hardware are original to the guitar, that there is no evidence of a new finish having been applied, and that there are no stickers or emblems on the guitar itself. Alterations and refinishing can significantly lower the value of a vintage guitar. It is always better to find one that might have a little sign of wear, but all its original parts and finish.


15 May 2019

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