3 Ways A Music Producer Contributes To An Album


Music has a way of connecting with people. Vocal artists rely on this connection to generate album sales. In order to become a successful artist, an experienced music producer should be trusted to guide the recording process. Producers are the unsung heroes that help make an album popular with the general public. By understanding the ways in which a producer contributes to an album, you will be able to recognize the importance of working with the right producer in the future.

30 July 2021

Advantages Of Learning Flute With Online Instruction Videos


Learning to play the flute can be a fulfilling hobby, but not everyone has access to in-person flute instruction. If you're having difficulty finding a local flute teacher, you may want to try out some online flute instruction videos for beginners. These can be either a substitute for beginning lessons or a complement to them. Here are some of the advantages to learning flute with the help of online instruction videos.

18 May 2021

Want To Enhance Your Music Listening? Do Your Research!


Everybody loves music. However, there are a few things that can take a casual listener and turn them into a true fan. In addition to listening extensively to a specific artist's repertoire, doing your research on an artist can help you to really understand them. Sure, there are the regular magazine articles that show up in mainstream magazines, but a bit more digging may help you to uncover so much more.

22 February 2021