In Perfect Harmony: Three Tips For Piano Lessons In Adult Beginners


If you're an adult who longs to learn how to play the piano but are unsure of where to start, there's good news! Now, more than ever, adults are starting their musical journey to learn the piano in their free time and take up a hobby that brings them immense joy. Here are three things to keep in mind when taking piano lessons for the adult beginner.

Better Late Than Never

Many adults who have a musical ear and would love to learn piano often feel a bit discouraged. Why? Many feel that it's simply too late to pick up a new hobby or learn an instrument as complex as the piano. But don't let this type of thinking get to you! Playing the piano is for everyone at any stage of their life and experience level. Bear in mind that the ability to play a song comfortably on piano begins with tiny steps in that direction, so start simple and move at your own pace. Remember to have fun with what you learn and to practice as much as possible to really perfect that technique.

Find a Good Teacher

If you're really serious about learning piano, there will be no better instruction that a one-on-one teacher. Private lessons give the teacher your full attention and focus on improving your technique and correcting mistakes, so don't skimp on this one. Look for a teacher who is engaging, warm, and provides easy-to-understand instruction that goes at your pace. Try to get lessons in at least once a week to keep the course as fresh as possible in your mind. Remember to always speak to your instructor openly about any areas of confusion you might be experiencing or difficulty with a certain lesson. They will always be more than glad to assist you and help their students get more out of their teachings. 

Play Your Favorite Songs

As part of your musical instruction, you will learn the basics of playing piano including learning chords. A fun technique to try out is to use your growing knowledge of chords to learn songs that you love. Even if you're not ready to tackle the more intricate notes of your favorite song, you can still master the chords. This makes for a fun way to play along with songs that is easier for beginners. Look up tutorials of your favorite songs with the accompanying chords and try your hand at them. Playing along with songs that you already know and love will go far in helping you develop an ear for when sections of the song lift up and mellow out. 

For more information on piano lessons, contact a professional near you.


29 July 2022

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