Why You Should Hire A Singer For A Fundraiser


People often hire singers for weddings, parties, and other similar events as a way to provide some entertainment for their guests. If you're planning a fundraiser and are thinking about some ways to make this event unique, you may wish to consider hiring a local singer. Browse the internet to view performance clips of singers in your area, and then begin to check out some performers' websites to learn about their rates and their availability. Popular singers may have events booked months in advance, so don't hesitate to find your singer even if your fundraiser is only in the early planning stages. Here are three reasons to hire a singer for your fundraising event.

Catches Peoples' Attention

Many people hold fundraisers in public spaces and look for ways to catch peoples' attention. For example, if you're planning to have your fundraiser take place at a local park, you'll want lots of ways to alert passersby to your event and encourage them to walk over to learn more. Many people enjoy live music, so when someone walks through the park and hears a singer performing live, there's a good chance that they'll take a detour and approach your event. Conversely, if you were to simply have recorded music, this may not be enough to pique someone's curiosity. When you draw people to your event, you'll be able to explain the cause and, ideally, seek donations.

Generates Excitement

Live musical performances can often give events an exciting and upbeat vibe. When you're hiring a singer for a fundraising event, you might wish to go over some specific music choices that you feel will be especially appropriate. For example, if you think of a few songs that have uplifting messages about reaching goals and making a difference, these lyrics may have an impact on the people who attend your event. Someone may decide to make a bigger donation to the cause simply because they get excited and inspired from the singer's uplifting words.

Keeps People Around

You probably won't have the singer perform throughout the entire event. Instead, they may sing a few songs, take a break, and then sing again later. Knowing that a performance is approaching may help to keep people around instead of them choosing to depart. For example, if someone arrives and learns that the singer will be performing in 20 minutes, they might stay so that they can hear the music. As they wait, your team will be able to explain your fundraiser and get them interested in helping out.

If you want to hire a singer for events, reach out to your local artists.


6 June 2022

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