Feature Hip Hop Gospel Music During Youth Church Activities


Music can be used as a teaching aid and help youth group members learn the message of God and various Bible lessons. Hip hop gospel music can be used during Sunday school, youth retreats, or Sunday church services.

Get Children Involved

Yawning, fidgeting while seated, and the avoidance of eye contact are indicators that a child is bored with the material that is being presented to them. Young children often do not have the attention span necessary to remain focused on lengthy discussions and reading passages. Adding some hip hop gospel music to your lesson plans can have a positive impact on how youngsters perceive religious studies.

Hip hop gospel music that is featured these days may focus on the musical talents of youthful lyricists, musicians, and dancers. These types of musical groups may feature performers who wear fashionable clothing and execute musical movements that are similar to the movements of hip hop stars that your students are already familiar with.

Break Up The Monotony

A video screen or a cart that contains a monitor and video player can be used in classroom, retreat, or sanctuary settings. Review what gospel groups are currently trending and select some videos that feature young artists. If you are going to focus on audio versions of each song, a speaker system and a device to play the music on will be needed. Next, decide how you will introduce the hip hop music to your students.

Entice the children by promising them a musical surprise at the end of a classroom session or by adding a dancing and singing activity to a retreat schedule. The main purpose of playing the music is to get the children involved and eager to follow along to the music. Setting up a space for the children to move to the music or adding some lighting within the area where the music will be played can help youngsters get enthused to take part in a group activity.

If the hip hop gospel music will be used during a retreat, consider teaching your pupils some of the dance moves that a select group of gospel singers execute while performing. The children may feel empowered by being able to perform in the same manner as the featured performers. You can request that the children perform for their parents and friends during a social event that you host at the end of the retreat. 

Consider adding hip hop gospel music for children to your next religious youth group meeting or event. 


31 January 2022

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