Strategies For Writing Music With Your First Rock Band


When you form a rock band at any age, it's tempting to play cover songs. Doing so is a good idea, as each member can learn the music individually, and then you can get together to jam on what you've learned. Additionally, if you're going to be playing at house parties or other gatherings, being able to perform some tunes that people already know will always go over well. However, if you're serious about your band and want to make a name for yourself, you'll need to eventually move into creating original music, and this can initially present a bit of a challenge. Here are some strategies to employ for writing music with your rock band.

Try Doing So Individually

While different rock bands have success writing songs in different ways, it can often be a challenge to sit in a room together and compose a song. A better strategy can be to each attempt to put together a song on your own, and then get together and share what you've come up with. Different people can have different strengths. For example, a guitar player might not be skilled with lyrics, but he or she can likely come up with some suitable chord progressions and some catchy riffs. When each person brings something to the table, you can begin to combine different elements and watch some songs take place.

Jam On Some Instrumentals

Many rock songs take shape long before lyrical elements are introduced. Jamming can be an effective way to put together the music for a song. For example, have your drummer, bass player, and guitarists simply jam together. Pick a tempo and a key and get playing. In this creative environment, individual musicians may discover catchy progressions and catchier riffs or solos; provided that you're recording these sessions in some manner, you'll be able to go back through them and pull out the elements that you collectively like.

Listen To Music

Some people might shy away from listening to music when they're trying to write a rock song, due to the fear that they'll simply copy what they hear. While you do want to ensure that your creations are original, there's nothing wrong with allowing other music to influence you. You can pick rock music that you like or even branch out into other genres. Often, a particular line or even a melody will stir something in you, and you can use this inspiration to create your own song.


27 December 2017

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